Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm So Alone! *Wrist to Forehead*

Thank goodness Mike is not working out of town any more because I am going on the third week without the older kids here. With me, the twins, and the dog home all day long they get stir crazy. They like having more people here to play with and break up the monotony.

The dog really misses her kids. Did I say how we got a puppy a few months ago? The babies named her Tinkerbell because Mike said they got to name her and that was the last movie they had watched. She is a really great dog. She is fully housebroken and a little bit kennel trained. I have not read anything about dog training and I am the only one here to consistently do anything with the dog. So I am proud of myself--especially since I never wanted one more thing to do. And yet I did it and she is great--except for the stinking chewing thing. She's half lab. Did I expect any less? The other half is Australian Shepherd. She is so stinking needy. She has to be close to me, and if I am not petting her or resting my foot on her she barks at me or goes off and chews something. I wish I did not love living things.

The reason I am focusing on this is because she is barking at me right now. Since I saw Marissa's dog say "I love you" I have been barking that at her and she is learning it.

My point here was that is is really nice that the kids time with their dad coincided Mike getting full time (non-contract) employment and coming back to the Dallas office so he can be here in the evenings. Because otherwise the babies and I would be driving each other batty--we are still on the edge of that. It is just lonely without a house full of crazy.

We got a babysitter on Friday so we could watch Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows Pt II for posterity). A couple of weeks ago we got the 15 disc blue ray release of the super extended version of Lord of the Rings. Each of the three movies takes two discs just to watch the movie. Then there are three more bonus feature discs for each one. We have not even touched those yet. It took us most of the week to get through just the movies.

That's all I've got for now. It's something, anyway.

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